Friday, March 4, 2011

60 + 50 = NOW!

Notes and links from Hard Work Hour with Douglas Douglas
"60+50=NOW!" show

Thanks for joining us on the radio show and here on the blog. Here is some stuff that I mentioned on the show this week:

1) Mad as Hell in Berkeley, "Who the Hell Thinks This is Egypt?"
2) Wisconsin protests follow-up
3) Shark Fin Soup
4) Immigration
5) Orchid Show - Fort Mason
6) Eye-robics
7) Adaptation

1) Got a class you want to take? Try it here. How about TEACHING a class in your field? You don't have to know much. Just have an endless burning urge to learn and grow. That is your by right of birth. Pass it on, please! So many students today think that education has either one purpose ($$) or NO PURPOSE AT ALL. Help change this. Teach or take a class you care about. Your presence will infect others with your curiosity and brilliance.  UC Berkeley Extension. Oh, yeah, the protests: Berkeley protests. And more Berkeley protest links.

2)  Wisconsin, and some related information.  Please don't get me wrong. I am not criticizing ANYBODY for participating in their local government. Just the opposite. We need all of us to be a part of a lively, CIVIL debate/discussion of all the issues, including public employees and their jobs and pay, to get to a solution we can all live with.

5) Okay, okay, I can breathe now. Wow! That was tough. Couldn't catch my breath for laughing so hard: I actually showed up at Fort Mason after walking the 30 to 40 odd miles required.. I fight past the Wharf crowd and the "Look at that damn Bridge!" crowd and much, much more, only to get a hand on my elbow and a very tiny man asking, "Do you have your admission?" "Oh, there is a fee? No, sorry." I go to the table and they want $14. I laughed for the rest of the weekend. Probably saw a thousand people that DID pay. Orchid show at Fort Mason.

7) Adaptation, the film, IMDB Not only is this a very entertaining watch, especially if you like to peek behind the curtain of film-making and entertainment, but much more, too. Included with your low, low purchase price is a study of orchids and more intimately, an exploration of what it means -- both for plants and animals, to adapt. 

Especially cogent for us in this 21st century, Spike Jonze has made a kind of masterpiece here. I know, I know, there is a little bit of self-fascination involved here. Wouldn't it be nice if there were more good movies? And they didn't have to resort to telling stories about themselves and how cool they are, ala "Get Shorty." but Adaptation is cool. It shows a tortured writer who strives to adapt to a world that he does not understand. In the end, he has adventure, humiliation and revelation. He breaks his block and does, I think, evolve and thrive, driving off at last down Wilshire boulevard while the flowers grow and bloom and the days just keep on coming. Give it a try. If you don't like the first twenty minutes, though, you may want to watch Matrix again. 

"A Sandstone Farmhouse" read with good intentions, but without any permission at all from John Updike, his heirs, or publishers.

Also used without permission, the intro music, if it worked, is "Wheels," by CAKE off of their album "Pressure Chief"



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And, no, your children are NOT at risk here, it is "tutoring," NOT "neutering." Sorry about that. My bad. DD

notes and links from BTR show 3/4/11 HWH w DD 60+50=NOW!

Now, get back to work!

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