Friday, August 19, 2011

Green Brain Boredom

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Today's show: "Green Brain Boredom" is dedicated to Discovery Learning Tutoring, my Math, Golf and Lifetime Learning skills company. And of course, to Seemore.

Also on today's show:
1) Local News
2) Other News
3) Local Loco
4) Green Brain Boredom
5) Lit Minit : "Cradle to Cradle," by William McDonough and Michael Braungart


1) Local News
Concussions hurt

Show your boobs to save the world (Guys welcome, but you can't show yours).

Green Buds! Oh, snap! Whadaya mean, I am polluting more than Exxon? Local indoor farmers face a new, eco-unfriendly awareness.

Street Sheet to help Tenderloin Homeless

BART protest aftermath. Hackers going after cops personal online data?


* As per usual, an ungodly amount of ungodly stuff to do this week here in The City. See SFBG, SFGate and for more.

2) Other News

War, chaos, misery, disaster, radiation, financial ruin, eco-war, eco-chaos, eco-misery, et al...

3) Local Loco : Listen to a local band. Eat some food produced locally. Read your local paper.  Step out of line a little. Work a little now or pay a LOT more later, when some Murdoch clone owns all the local press. See Meet Joe Black for more. Just because News Of The World is gone, don't think that we can let well enough alone.

4) Feature: "Green Brain Boredom"

      Boredom is the powerful force that -- unchecked -- will stop learning in its tracks.
         Boredom does not just come from hearing the crickets chirp. It can also be produced by TOO

         If you are overwhelmed by the flood of information regarding green living, we can help. Call me at Discovery Learning Tutoring and I can connect you with my friends at San Francisco Community Power. They give free energy audits for San Franciscans. Live outside of the area? No problem. DL can help there, too. Give us a call to see how.

        Overwhelmville is no fun. Get out now.

5) Lit Minit : "Cradle to Cradle," by William McDonough and Michael Braungart

TYSM for reading and listening. I hope you had fun. Now, GBTW!

-- DD

...but if you DO have time right now, you can get more fun here by following these links:

"Cradle to Cradle," was read with great love and respect but without any authorization or permission from the author, their heirs or publishers.

Also used, but without permission, the intro music is "Wheels," by CAKE off of their album "Pressure Chief."

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Now, get back to work, dammit!

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