Friday, September 23, 2011

HWH time travel

Well, technical issues have prevented us from continuing the internet radio broadcast portion of our presentation. Oh, well. What did Theodore say? "...don't be sad it's gone. Be glad it was here."

Hard Work Hour with Douglas Douglas filled up my Friday mornings for most of a year straight and I am very glad I took the advice. Blog Talk Radio broadcasting was great fun. I thank the providers and everybody involved for their participation. But unless someone at BTR emails me with a new update, 9:30am Fridays is free once again.

I am so depressed I could eat glass. The best NBC could come up with to replace Outsourced was this Whitney crap. I am gonna go way out on a thin branch and say that the nation was just as bummed as I. Didn't we leave this canned "live" laughter crud way out behind us?

Oh well, the blog was supposed to drive the whole thing anyway. So now I will post a hilarious entry here every Friday, rain or shine, darkened mood notwithstanding.

And later might not mean later. Our notions of time and space have been given a strongly worded letter from some grad students in Geneva. Everything that the smartest people know is based on the theory of relativity (E=mc squared), from our favorite Jew to escape Hitler, Albert Einstein. But relativity has been cast in a doubtful light now, due to some research done in Northern Europe that I can't even fake understanding. But all the talking and typing heads seem to make a lot of it and say that we are going to have to rewrite the whole book of physical reality now.

If you need to catch up, now is the time.

We here will begin sometime soon. Definitely not today.

Now get back to work.


Douglas Douglas

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