Friday, November 11, 2011

Current Eventualities

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Today's show: "Current Eventualities" is dedicated to Richard and Marco, and to that weird noise coming through my wall just now (I mean it is CONCRETE, yo, what they hell?)...and to the ad agency that is putting those Columbia jacket ads out. You know the ones where the guy jumps naked through the ice into the frozen lake and...

...and to Seemore, of course.

Also on today's show:
1) Local News
2) Other News
3) Local Loco
4) Current Events
5) Lit Minit : "The Naval Wrecks of the Scapa Flow," by Peter L. Smith


1) Local News

It's raining a little.

Guess Who Won The Election?

2) Other News

Wars, rumors of wars, chaos, misery, earthquakes, nuclear meltdowns upwind of us, and, and, and...

3) Read your local paper. Join a local group. Just do it. And tell your friends and neighbors I thought of it first.

4) Current Events for the Bay Area (I read from some foodie quiz cards).

Yes it is true (according to Foodie Fight : a trivia game for serious food lovers) that american kitchens have tripled in size since 1950, from 80 square feet to 225. And yes, I will answer the MATH QUESTION OF THE WEEK aka what is the square root of 225? See below

5) Lit Minit : "The Naval Wrecks of the Scapa Flow," by Peter L. Smith

Thanks for listening and reading. Follow these here links if you want to follow up on anything you read or hear here, hear?

"The Naval Wrecks of the Scapa Flow," by Peter L. Smith was read without permission or compensation to the author, publisher, or their heirs. Also used, but without permission, the intro music is "Wheels," by CAKE off of their album "Pressure Chief."

Notes and links from BTR show "Current Events" 11/11/11 HWH w DD

MATH QUESTION OF THE WEEK  answer : the square root of 225 is 15 

15 x 15 = 225, or a kitchen today averages out to be a room 15 wide and 15 feet deep, too. Use to be less than nine. Good work Mathmagicians!

All material licensed by Creative Commons. If you want to use it, ask!

And if you woke up in a somewhat free country today, where you can still speak your mind and talk freely about whatever you want, thank a veteran.

Now, get back to work, dammit!

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