Friday, December 2, 2011


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Today's show: "My Apology" is dedicated to Judith, who was running her ass off this morning in nine degree weather and to Seemore.

Also on today's show:
1) Local News
2) Other News
3) Local Loco
4) Apology
5) Lit Minit : Review "The Great Debaters" Denzel Washington
6) Book List


1) Local News

Stupid is on the rise. See this weeks papers for evidence.

San Francisco Weekly story : "Hate Expectations," by Peter Jamison.

San Francisco Bay Guardian cover story : "The Great Food Divide," by Hugh Biggar.

And the solution to these and most other problems is of course education which begins with communication. Not a quick or easy fix, though. For some help with it, try Non Violent Communication, by Marshall Rosenberg. Simple and powerful. Two modes: Listening and Speaking. Four components: Feelings, Needs, Requests, and oh yeah, Observations. Sounds simple, right? Try it. Try to limit your judgement about what you are hearing and responding with passion in these four ways. They have had a lot of success for almost fifty years with this stuff. Namaste.

2) Other News 

Winds, rumors of winds, chaos, misery, earthquakes, nuclear meltdowns upwind of us, and, and, and...

3) Read your local paper. Join a local group. And tell your friends and neighbors.

4) Apology: Every week I tell you what I think you should do so you are more like me. This time I just say "Do Nothing."

Seriously. We are all wound up like tops to buy and work and act so that someone else benefits. Let's all just take a minute and calm down with a simple meditation. If you already pray or do yoga or meditate you probably already have one you use. If not, here is a real simple one. Try it for one minute. Pay attention to how you feel. Then try it for five minutes uninterrupted. Then notice how you feel. Here it is.


That's it. Just breathe. Sit somewhere comfortable where you won't be interrupted. Notice your breath. Don't change it. Just notice and pay attention to it. Let other thoughts drift away. Try one minute, then two, or three, or five solid uninterrupted minutes. It is not easy, but you WILL feel better after. Or worse. But different! Namaste!

5) Lit Minit : The Great Debaters. Dir. by Denzel Washington

6) Book List.

This week we read a lot of different books, including "The Christmas Stories," by Dickens

Biorhythm Compatibility by Mort Gale

Everything They Ever Told Me Was a Lie, by Pat Shannan

High Road to Promontory 

Thanks for listening and reading. Follow these here links if you want to follow up on anything you read or hear here, hear?

Broken Promises: We didn't pay anyone to play the opening music from Cake, or the closing music from Mr. Scruff. Our bad. Of course, nobody paid us either, so...?

Special Students Only Reading Question : Include a response to this with your regular assignment for extra credit: Two questions: 1) Where do the bubbles come from that form at the bottom of a pan of boiling water? 2) What happens to light as it passes through the same water? 2a) Why do objects reflect and appear differently according to where they are in the water? NB, bubbles on the bottom and small floating things, like hairs and cooked bugs. Get it? Skip it if this is in any way confusing or discouraging. I will be no help to you. 

Notes and links from BTR show "Apology" 12/02/11 HWH w DD

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Laugh! Love! Dance! Sing! Clown around big time and mean it! Don't just wait to be entertained, you assholes! Show yourselves!

Now get back to work. DD

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