Monday, January 30, 2012

Review - The Artist

“The Artist,” is a nice ninety minute mime bit, if you like that kinda thing.

I am impressed that they could do that much Marcelle Marceau and skip the box-y thing. I did a good job and stayed in my seat awake the whole time, but there was one guy in front of me snoring for the last hour of this sleeper. I know, I know, we are numb to the subtleties of art. We have been hammered with so many exploding planets and decapitated androids that a simple tale of human interaction isn’t enough to hold our interest. Well, those people are right. This is a nice, simple tale, aimed at an extremely small audience. The part that can still pay attention when nothing is going on. The part that bought The Tree of Life and watched it repeatedly, trying to squeeze some more emptiness out of the still, silent scenes. Well, that tiny, tiny part of our population is probably about to piss off the people that actually keep Hollywood afloat buying tickets and popcorn. Ah, well. To paraphrase a Rooney quote: “Boring seems to be very big this year.” DD

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