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Negro's Knees Grow

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Also on today's show:
1) Local News
2) Other News
3) Local Loco
4) Negro's Knees Grow
5) Lit Minit : "Writing in the Asylum: Student Poets in City Schools," by Jennifer McCormick.


1) Local News

     U.S. Open in beautiful San Francisco!

     Two best stories from 2012 Open : Michael Thompson and Jim Furyk.

     Both for excellence and high standards that are likely to be overlooked since neither of
     them won the tournament. Congratulations to Mr. Webb, of course, but let's also shine a
     light on these two guys who in their own way helped perpetuate the Open honor, or
     mystique, or legend, tradition, you pick your praiseworthy noun. Furyk for many things
     but here I am referring to his choice on 18 green to attempt an IMPOSSIBLE bunker shot
     - I would guess because the crowd demanded it - costing him a shot and dropping him to a
     tie for 4th place. He could have played safe out to the left from his spot in the trap and left
     himself a shot at par,  but the only way he could WIN was to hole the shot and force a 
     playoff. He knew it was a thousand to one attempt. A determined, grinding, glacial-erosion 
     player like himself had to be weighing all the factors. And for the crowd, he chose a bunker
     shot directly at the pin which violated the old Tommy Armour maxim : "hit the shot that
     makes your next shot easy." 

     As would happen most of the other 998 times he tries this shot, it comes out badly
     and leaves him off the green with little chance of making par. To recreate it for yourself, 
     take your cat's litter box and throw it up on the roof of the garage. Then put a golf ball under
     it. Take the push broom out of it's hiding place. Use it to try to nudge the ball into your gas

     Hats off to Jim for a fantastic grinding tournament and for sharing it with all of us. He
     inspired the hell out of me all week.

     All Michael Thompson did was outplay the entire field with low scores Thursday and 
     Sunday. By low scores, I mean he beat by multiple strokes the current entire assembled
     aristocracy of golf. His 66 on Thursday made all the papers. Low score by three shots. 
     Fucking epic. Then he comes back to earth with rounds in the seventies Friday and
     Saturday. To then have the stones to Sunday shoot a 67 day's low round takes incredible
     skill, focus, and determination. My shaggy head is bare to you, too, sir. I hope the quarter-
     million dollar paycheck is just compensation for impressing the hell out of us.

     Long Beach Gazette Fireworks and Gaytonia tour!

     Be ready for a big summer.

     LA Weekly 5 Artsy Things to do this Week

     California Science Center. Get there before the Space Shuttle lines!

     Hammer Museum in Westwood

     Downtown LA Artwalk

          Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

2) Other News

    Wars, rumors of wars, incontinence, misery, earthquakes, rumors of earthquakes...

3) Local Loco

4) Negroes Knees Grow: A brief monologue on race in Los Angeles Unified

     I learned from some introspection, some personal experience, and many years inside
     LAUSD classrooms, that institutional racism is alive and well.

     My modest proposal: Hire, chain-gang style, for $5 a day, the entire felonius
     population of the State Prisons to teach in our California classrooms. It will
     have the effect of reducing our State Budget by about $50B, and will better
     prepare the students for the world we are leaving for them.
5) Lit Minit : "Writing in the Asylum: Student Poets in City Schools," by Jennifer McCormick.

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