Friday, February 1, 2013

Incredibly Fun Is How It Seemed At The Time

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Today's show: "Incredible Sad and Amazingly Hopeful" is dedicated to Roxanne, and brought to you by Discovery Learning Tutoring, serving California and the world with your education needs.

Also on today's show:
1) Local News
2) Other News
3) Local Loco
4) Calendar
5) "Incredibly Sad and Amazingly Hopeful"
6) Lit Minit : "Oliver Twist"  by Charles Dickens..


1) Local News

           Balonna Creek Wetlands to get helping hand. $50M from State.

           Elections heating up


2)  Other News

           Sick fucking priests test our ability to forgive like they taught us, disease,

           fire, shootings of little girls, panic, reloading, 

           Boycott List 
                Cold Play, Foo Fighters, Linkin Park, Charlie Sheen

3)  Local Loco

           Get your e-books! Find 'em at your local library

           Follow one of these suggestions once in a while and you will have a better neighborhood.
           You may even stop a tragedy. 


4) Calendar 

           Hammer Museum 

           Mindful Meditation Thursdays 12:30pm Wilder Theater - FREE

           Homework for Thursday: Meditate 2 minutes EVERY day.

           Discounts and Benefits for using public transportation apply.

5)  My racism, intolerance, indifference and fear of the unknown contribute 
      to my making fun of a women with no hands, no feet, and no ass.

      Women's body image gone wild.

Thank you so much for reading and listening. I hope you had fun. Now:


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Yes Men

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