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Today's show: "Endeavor"

This week's Hard Work Hour: The Endeavor Show 

Also on today's show:
1) Local News
2) Other News
3) A Thousand Thank You's
4) Endeavor Launch
5) Lit Minit             


1) Local News
       Endeavor to Endeavor

       Apologies for missing so many chances to broadcast since April 8, 2011
      SF Weekly: MS-13 

2) Other News

       War, chaos, misery, destruction...

3) A Thousand Thank You's

      Thank You! Thank you for listening, and thank you for checking out the blog! (that's funny, right? I put a link to
      the blog IN the blog...)

      Read your local paper. Pay a little now (see Meet Joe Black, by Martin Brest), or pay a LOT later.

      Last chance? Not quite! We've all got at least 48 hours to get to Florida and see something we will talk about 
      for the rest of our lives. Who's with me?

     Come on! We've all grown up with this NASA-Space Program thing in the background our entire lives and now
     it is ending! I don't think I will make it across the country, but DAMN! I wish I could! Maybe some of my
     Alabama crew has some ideas, like a bed I can flop on while I'm there...?

5) Lit Minit           
      'Holes,' by Louis Sachar

TYSM for reading and listening. I hope you had fun. Now, GBTW!
Pages one and two from "Holes," was read with good intentions, but without any permission at all from Louis Sachar, his heirs, or publishers.

Also used without permission, the intro music is "Wheels," by CAKE off of their album "Pressure Chief."

Yes Men 

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Notes and links from BTR show 4/29/11 HWH w DD

All material licensed by Creative Commons. If you want to use it, ask!

Now, get back to work!

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