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Today's show: "Civility"

What does it mean to you and to me? To our country? Our planet? This week's Hard Work Hour: The Civility Episode

Also on today's show:
1) Local News
2) Other people's News
3) Civility
4) Literary Minute this week will be a continuation of The War Prayer, by Mark Twain
5) We will take listener calls and do whatever the hell we want to with them!


1) Local News
      Green Stuff- Earth Day issues for both the Bay Guardian and the Weekly. Links at bottom 
        of this page.

      Glowing yet? - Local reports have readings of radioactivity 300 times higher than safe.
          And that was almost three weeks ago...

........okay, it is tough to push the hystrionics without substantiation: none of these seem to say we are being exposed to dangerous levels at all, from what I tell me.

     Oh, and the paper that HAS  been covering the KUSF in exile story with some persistence (Tsk, tsk, Chronicle!) is the San Francisco Foghorn, published out of a small Jesuit university somewhere near the city center.

2) Other people's News
  • International News : War, Chaos, Destruction, Misery, Suffering... 
  • ...seems it is liquid GLASS, not "gas" that is being applied to Fukushima Dai-1's in Fukushima, Japan. It still remains to be seen whether or not we are Fuk'd.

3) Civilized behavior. What does it mean? What are the important rules to follow to be "civilized"? Is it uncivilized to disagree with someone else’s opinions? When? Where? What about disagreeing with your parents? Your kids? Your teachers, priests, rabbis, clerics, coaches and gurus?

How about your boss? How, when, why, and through what channels do you feel safe to disagree with your employer? (What if you have a thousand bosses? Many corporate employees seem to work under an umbrella of executives and middle level management and if you don’t tow the company line it is the axe...) Whadaya think?

One of the many reasons I started this show is that I have very specific views on civility. I recently read, Talk to the Hand: The Utter Bloody Rudeness of the World Today, or Six Good Reasons to Stay Home and Bolt the Door, by Lynne Truss.

If you read “Eats Shoots and Leaves,” a hugely popular book on grammar, you know how fun she makes difficult material, like social behavior and civility. In this book she posits that our treatment of each other is getting measurably worse each generation (she writes of London, mostly, but it is just as accurate in LA or San Francisco) and that this is not just irritating to those of us that notice, it is actually the degeneration of our society. She says that civility is the mortar in the brick wall of our culture. Without it, we just have a pile of bricks and a lot of hungry, pissed off people.

So I began speaking and writing about civility, because I don’t think it is as dry as English Tea Biscuits. I think that my show is extremely civil. I show respect for others, I consider opinions not my own, and I let people speak when it is their turn.

So give a listen, give a call, post a blog message, or email me. Let me know what you think about our society and the little show I have dedicated to it. All the links are at the bottom of the page here. But be civil, won’t you?


4) the Literary Minute this week will be a continuation of The War Prayer, by Mark Twain

TYSM for reading and listening. I hope you had fun. Now, GBTW!

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