Friday, June 3, 2011

Sound of Silence

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Today's show: "Sound of Silence," is dedicated to Arthur Hitchcock who won't return my calls but is at the tender age of 14, right now walking to Maine from Long Beach, California. Arthur is a freelance photographer who is raising money and awareness for the disease that took his mom last year, Breast Cancer. He is in his fourth week on the road and has already made it all the way up the coast to San Francisco! More links at the bottom. Walk on, Arthur!

Also on today's show:
1) Local News
2) Other News
3) Local Loco
4) Sound of Silence
5) Lit Minit : Desiderata


1) Local News

   SFBG Home page.
       War, chaos, misery, destruction...

3) Read your local paper. Pay a little now or pay a LOT later.

4) Silence is least appreciated when preceded by a question. Like, "Can I work for you?"

     ...or, "Are you interested in my tutoring service?"

     ..."Have you heard my show?"

     ... "What do YOU think about THAT (pointing to bathing suit) ?"

     But silence can be great!

     The "silence" of the desert at dawn.

     The quiet in my apartment.

     The calm quiet silence of the stars in their vacuum of infinite space.

     Or, that sucking crickety noise you hear when you ask the right question, like my 21st century  teacher training classes at CSUDH :

     to the question, "What are some methods for managing a loud classroom?

     ...and I say, "Corporal Punishment?" (silence and uncomfortable shuffling

     from my fellow teachers-in-training)

    My favorite comics, like Andy Kaufman, Andy Dick, Trey and Matt from South Park

   (did you hear they're on Broadway?),

   and many un-named others, often seem to be going for

    -- silence --

    instead of laughs. Ricky Gervais, too, in The Office and his stand-up, too,

    seems to aim to

    quiet the room. If you haven't seen him in "The Invention of Lying," do yourself a favor

    and watch it CLOSELY.

    But if The Office creeps you out and or bores you, it may not be for you...

5) Lit Minit : Desiderata, which for most of my youth was attributed to "...found in Old St. Paul's

    Church" but turns out was the product of Max Ehrmann in the '20's

TYSM for reading and "listening." I hope you had fun. Now, GBTW! 

-- DD

But, if you DO have time right now, you can get more data here by following these links:

Arthur Hitchcock

"Desiderata" was read with great love and respect but without any authorization or permission from the author, their heirs or publishers. 

Also used, but without permission, the intro music is "Wheels," by CAKE off of their album "Pressure Chief."

Notes and links from BTR show "Sound of Silence" 6/3/11 HWH w DD

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Now, get back to work, dammit!

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