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Also on today's show:
1) Local News
2) Other News
3) Local Loco
4) Dystopian
5) Lit Minit :  "Grapes of Wrath," by John Steinbeck


1) Local News

          Real Estate prices rising across state

          American Idiot

          Business cards are straight outa the 19th century, according to the LA Times.          

          Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska has been dumped on by the Justice Department,
          I wonder where Sarah was for all of this?  

          We -- I, need to make better use of our memories. We want good people to serve 
          the public. These people will make mistakes, will use friends and associates closer
          than the law allows. We need a process and a populace that will further the good 
          causes of our best nation's nature, and we need them before the century turns. What
          is Ted Stevens's friends, family and progeny to do but gather the guns and butter and 
          run the other way? We need to aplogize one by one to him and let him know that we 
          appreciate his years of service. To do that, we have to learn if there ever were any. 
          Hello CSPAN!

          Blue Buckets in Russia


2) Other News

    Wars, rumors of wars, incontinence, misery, earthquakes, rumors of earthquakes...

3) Local Loco

4) Dystopias

          Blade Runner, Fifth Element, Terminator, Mad Max, Twelve Monkey, and Brazil: just a few of the "futuristic" dystopian films that have entertained and perhaps frightened us a little. The list goes on, including today's run of Zombie/Vampire flicks and TV shows. But tell me this: Where are the stories where things have worked out?

          In Blade Runner, Technology has been unable to manage the population and there is rampant suffering and hardship. Follows rebellion, follows tyranny and abuses of power and a chase between a bounty hunter and a cyborg. All set in a crumbling, post-post modern coffin-shaped planet. Why? I mean it works great for Ridley Scott as a career foundation, and for us as a benchmark for futurus diturbitus styling. My question is this:  Where is the Happy?

          Why do all the films of a time beyond ours play it so dark, so twisted? Is this the choice we are making for ourselves?

5) Lit Minit : "Grapes of Wrath," by John Steinbeck

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