Friday, August 9, 2013

Hawthorne Planning Commision - Walmart Protest

Hawthorne Planning Commision:

Thank you for attending our protest of the Walmart on Inglewood this morning. Your enthusiastic response certainly contributed to a surprisingly strong push-back from the community at large. Mr. Cole's full-throated profanity barrage was really the icing on the cake.

Your public service is commendable and appreciated. We all want a thriving, healthy community. And it does not just take care of itself. Thank you so much for your hard work. It is regretable that we seem to be on opposite sides of this issue, but this will happen. Lively debate and civil disagreement is our best tool in the long run.

Curious, though, your presentation regarding incarcerating protestors. I would think a fine citizen and business leader like yourself would encourage and nurture an active and informed citizenry. I am sure you are working hard to make and keep Hawthorne the fine example of industry and citizenship that it is.

Thankfully we live in a free society where dissent is not stamped out like in Syria, Myanmar, and mainland China. Tiananmen Square could not happen here, because the foundation of the society we all work to protect nurtures the right to dissent and voice views even when they conflict with the economic status quo, and the often powerful forces of business. (Perhaps you were misquoted. I don't think threatening protestors with jail is SOP for this or any other municipality, though. You may want to check your charter. Just a thought.)

Since we are a small group and just beginning to have a presence in social and economic local issues, we keep  our expectations low for all events. It is always a "building year" for us and we are determined to be determined, however silent our neighbors may be, and how quixotic our efforts. We will keep going after the dragons!


Today, most of the traffic along Inglewood and into the Walmart parking lot was indifferent to our signs and presence, as expected. A few glances, a little slowing along the turn, but mostly nothing. Then a few USC students strolled by and took a few images as well as voicing their support, interest, and curiosity.

More honks from passing cars, and more "good for you!"s from a few passing drivers.

We thought that the day was done and the impact small, when your representative rolled up and engaged us.  

Mr. Cole's full-throated profanity barrage was really the icing on our protest cake.

Thank you again. Certainly a contestation such as this should be continued to its fruition.


Douglas Whiting


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