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Today's show: "Babies" is dedicated to Lolita, who works as hard as any human I have ever seen, and who sends me my Friday blasts. And of course to my partner here in the booth, my Therapy Buddy, Seemore.

Also on today's show:
1) Local News
2) Other News
3) Local Loco
4) Babies
5) Lit Minit : "Night," by Elie Wiesel


1) Local News

* 35 DAYS TO BURNING MAN! Fuck! It sold out.
Committees and Task Forces are useless. This according to Joe Eskanazi (his real name) in his cover story in this week's SF Weekly, and most sentient humans who will respond. Well, that's true, unless you count all the times they got something done. If you really want to address a problem, see inside.

2) Other News

          As the lead story out of Seattle, cops open up their 911 call to Twitter, with surprising results.

...and of course, war, crime, misery, rape, arson, murder, mayhem and chaos...

3) Local Loco : Read your local paper. And write a little, too. Write a Letter to the Editor, or to one of the advertisers. Thank them for a good ad or voice your concern about a dangerous product or service. Step out of line a little. Work now or pay a LOT more later, when some Media One clone owns all the local press. See Meet Joe Black for more.

4) Feature: "Babies"

        We are babies. We whine and weasel and try to get as much fun and freedom as we can, and safety and security for ourselves and our families, of course. But we miss the bigger picture. Not only that, when you show us the big picture we can be counted on to have a nonsensical counter productive response. Just watch any Democrat political discussion. No answers here, only questions leading to more of the same. What do you do with a species capapble of Nuclear Physics that also burns babies like cordwood? This and more next week on Hard Work Hour.

5) Lit Minit : "Night," by Elie Wiesel

TYSM for reading and listening. I hope you had fun. Now, GBTW!

-- DD

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SF Weekly
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