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Carmeggedon / Traumatic Brain Injury / ...

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Today's show: "Carmeggedon / Traumatic Brain Injury / Boredom is Death" is dedicated to Elizabeth in her super secret bird-shit free location. Oh, and to my Therapy Buddy.

Also on today's show:
1) Local News
2) Other News
3) Local Loco
4) Carmeggedon / Traumatic Injury / Boredom is Death
5) Lit Minit : "Me Talk Pretty One Day," by David Sedaris.


1) Local News


Wine Country

(read YOUR local paper for YOUR local news)

2) Other News "Rupert Murdoch Empire In Peril?"

A call to arms for all of us who have any intention of hoping for a better future for those who haven't had their chance yet, but will soon.

We have to deal with the corporate realities of News and Mass Media, and Rupert Murdoch is as good a place to start as any.

If you have any love for America left, if you think that a Free Press and the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution are -- were -- pretty good things, then this is your hour. Take ten minutes and write, text or talk to SOMEONE about it. Extra points and Karmic Goodies given to those who contact media centers, publishing conglomerates and centers of mass confusion that may actually disburse  the conversation/monologue to a wider audience. We need to take quite a bit of the responsibility for Fox News, NotW, and all the rest of the media under Murdoch's umbrella. Because the only reason he has for building this creation is to sell things to US. Enough of us are still watching Chris and Crew to make it worth NewsCorp's time and trouble to keep producing it. Advertisers are still buying and paying. And it is not fair laying this all off on the Tea Party Conflagration Experiment. We ALL are party to it, regardless of political affiliation or headgear. 

   If you want a jumping in spot, try my friend Julie: She is the L.A. Press Officer for NewsCorp:  

Julie Henderson, Senior Vice President 
Communications & Corporate Strategy
Phone:  310-369-0773
        I don't want to put words in your head, you know. But if helpful, here is a possible script:

        Hi Julie,

       I know that you need a job and everything, but I think that your boss, Rupert Murdoch is a negative force in free media. I believe that many of his publications, especially Fox News here in the USA, and News of the World in England, work to reduce discussion and build distance between people instead of providing a free flow of researched information to inform a curious and respected population. I think that serving the lower needs of society has helped bring on the crisis now being experienced by NewsCorp in England today. I have great fear that The Wall Street Journal ( a recent NewsCorp acquisition) will soon show signs of this same reckless, sensational journalism so prevalent today across not just print media, but the entire emerging spectrum of human communication. This is something that your company has a large investment in. So do I.

I urge you to communicate to all levels in your company the need to affirm your intention to practice, provide and produce informed, respectful, diligent journalism in all NewsCorp's media holdings, especially The Wall Street Journal and Fox News.

Sincerely, Your Friend and Reader,

(Your Name)

And of course, war, chaos, misery and destruction et al...

3) Local Loco : Read your local paper. And sing a little, too. Write a Letter to the Editor, or to one of the advertisers. Thank them for a good ad or voice your concern about a dangerous product or service. Step out of line a little. Work now or pay a LOT more later, when some Murdoch clone owns all the local press. See Meet Joe Black for more.

4) Carmeggedon
5) Lit Minit : "Me Talk Pretty One Day," by David Sedaris.
TYSM for reading and "listening." I hope you had fun. Now, GBTW!

-- DD

...but if you DO have time right now, you can get more fun here by following these links:

      NewsCorp Executive Email List 

"Me Talk Pretty One Day" was  read with great love and respect but without any authorization or permission from the author, their heirs or publishers.

Also used, but without permission, the intro music is "Wheels," by CAKE off of their album "Pressure Chief."

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Now, get back to work, dammit!

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