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Today's show: "Genocide" is dedicated to Ms. Djusberg who I know will never stop teaching and learning.  Oh, and to my Therapy Buddy (See, Richard?)

Also on today's show: 
1) Local News
2) Other News
3) Local Loco
4) Genocide
5) Lit Minit : "Kiss My Math," by Danika McKellar


1) Local News


   * CCSF is a great institution and one of the largest college systems in the country (Community College of the Air Force is first with >300,000 enrolled {we don't count Kaplan or Phoenix as real schools-they are more evidence of the degeneration of our schools-ever take one of their programs?})

      CCSF has more than 100,000 hard-working students in it's grasp and seems to do well by them at first blush, including offering a more than cursory Study Abroad program. More later...

*  Commonwealth Club has lots of think global act local type discussions and forums and has been doing this for a long, long time. I am lucky to be included, and I look forward to meeting up with the group.

* Lots of naked people on the cover of the Guardian this week, guess it's no surprise, since so many of them walk around town in similar non-garb.

* Leland Yee is not Ed Lee. Common mistake. One is the mayor and one is our State Senator for San Francisco/San Mateo. I and lots of people confuse the two. Just look at all those posters jammed in bakery windows saying "Run, Leland, Run!"

(read YOUR local paper for YOUR local news)

2) Other News 
          Christian Science Monitor on Rupert Murdoch and the legitimacy of media. Not the essay I was hoping to read, maybe I will have to bar the door and crank one out. Something epic about history and despots and greed and all of us and hope and well, I better put in some sexy, too, or it will be too tough to stay awake.

         Okay, how about parotting Murdoch's testimony before Parliament? I mean, he shirked off all responsibility. Shouldn't we do the same?

        No. Because without us he is lost. I am not at all concerned for the welfare of this man. I say this only to emphasize the flow of ownership. This horrible, unethical behavior was done by people that we probably like. Would hang out with. Enjoy the hell out of. Good people, desperate to keep a job or a desk or a byline. Pushed by circumstances to shelve their ethics and do things unimaginable in normal life. And it is our job to pat them on the back, get them on a better path. And STOP reading the publication that printed the shit. Rupert took our authority away by closing the rag, but we should all rally around by declaring a boycott of News of the World effective immediately, to be followed by more similar behavior. My interest here is to save the Wall Street Journal, which entered Murdoch and NewsCorp's grasp five or six years ago. I have been watching Fox News only occasionally since Al Franken's book attack on them, and since the funny ran out of it ages ago. So I am at a loss. I will post something on my boycott page and see what we can come up with. Read the paper and write to the editor to tell them what you think.

   ...and of course, war, crime, misery, rape, arson, murder, mayhem and chaos...

3) Local Loco : Read your local paper. And sing a little, too. Write a Letter to the Editor, or to one of the advertisers. Thank them for a good ad or voice your concern about a dangerous product or service. Step out of line a little. Work now or pay a LOT more later, when some Murdoch clone owns all the local press. See Meet Joe Black for more.

4) Feature: "Genocide"

        The dictionary has a definition that leaves me cold. Something about large-scale killing based on prejudice. It doesn't do it. Here is where we need video. Link to mayhem in Croatia in the 1940's.
        But even video does not show us enough, or show it as it is. How final. How the smell won't leave your nose with washing. How brutal it is. How wild and chaotic and erratic and worst of all: popular. In Croatia the killing went on for years with the approval of disinterested people in the area. Same in Germany and Poland in the 30's and 40's. In Rwanda at the end of the 20th century and doubtless on scales large and small all around and throughout us today, in our time.

        It is true I speak from ignorance, having served in no war and seen no killing. But we all have, really. The 20th century was the introduction of the blood smear telecast, and the cordwood corpse pile newsreel. We had fun with it. When Dirty Harry pulled the trigger, we cheered, or put up with those who did. We built a whole industry out of people whose main job was to push killing and fighting in our faces for a job! We have all been steeped in death and violence for as long as we can remember.

         We don't have to look very far to see why. We like it. We wage war, we poison pests, we even kill prisoners in our institutions of rehabilitation.

        No words of hope here. Just a little glimpse into our dark heart. The one we share with Lenin, and Marx, with Pol Pot and Hitler. For these men were not unique in their thoughts, only in their actions and in the deeds which society and history has stuck to them. Better we should attach all murders to our own consciences, for doubtless we have more hand in than we fear. Who wrote: " tolls for thee." ?

5) Lit Minit : "Kiss My Math," by Danica Mckellar

TYSM for reading and "listening." I hope you had fun. Now, GBTW!

-- DD

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