Friday, February 24, 2012

Local Music

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Today the “Local Music” show is dedicated to Carmen.

Also on today's show:
1) Local News
2) Other News
3) Local Loco
4) Local Music
5) Lit Minit:  "Revenge of the Teacher's Pet: A LOVE STORY, by Darrin Doyle


Death, death, death, death and more death...

3) Local Loco.
Give your community a hug and a kiss. If we make our homes 
places of peace, love and creation, all of this political bullshit will be 
much more manageable, really. You can start with something as 
simple as singing out loud. Come on! You know you like it! Open 
your windows, and sing. And if your neighbors are all assholes, 
congratulations! They probably feel the same thing. That is a great 
place to start.

4) Local Music
       This evening was less about the music and more about my total lack
       of orienteering skills. Driving from SFV to Eagle Rock is a simple task
       unless I am the solo operator of the vehicle. By the time that I
       reversed field and found the goddamn venue, my sane brain was long-
       gone for the night. Entering the converted church with its xeriscape
       landscaping, I made for a soft chair and began reciting my most
       self-nurturing mantra to no avail. When the first band began to
       assemble onstage, 2 hours late, I resisted urges to hurl anti-mantras
and instead fled to carne casa Oinkster, just down the street. The
show should have been great. Some said it was.

Thanks for listening and reading. I hope you had fun. I probably did. NOW GET BACK TO WORK!!

Douglas Douglas

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We didn't pay anyone to play the opening music from Cake (Wheels off of Pressure Chief). Or the close tune, either, for that matter (Mr. Scruff playing Hot Tuna, I think). Our bad. Of course, nobody paid us either, so...?

Yes Men

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Hard Work Hour with Douglas Douglas "Local Music," 2/24/12

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