Friday, February 10, 2012


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Today the “Relief” show is dedicated to anyone who owns or wants to own a home.

Also on today's show:
1) Local News
2) Other News
3) Local Loco
4) Relief
5) Lit Minit:  "The Bear," by William Faulkner.


1) Local News
Chicken Little of the Week: Now you get busted for throwing a frisbee at the beach.
Downtown LA Art Walk rocks, a little.
Short Eyes, by Miguel Pinero
           LA Weekly
                    Magic Castle burns! What you can do to help, and why you really, really want to.
                    Oldster gamers rock.
Cannibal! The Musical Back in production at a HS near you.

Billy Jack lives. This is the best kind of crazy.

2) Other News 
Death, poverty, war, rumors of wars, chaos, misery...

3) Local Loco.
Give your community a hug and a kiss. If we make our homes places of 
peace, love and creation, all of this political bullshit will be much more manageable, 
really. You can start with something as simple as opening your blinds. And if your 
neighbors are all assholes, congratulations! They probably feel the same thing. That is 
a great place to start.

4) Relief. 
We should be feeling a little of it. Business numbers look better. We in California get a 
$25B bone to help with our struggles. But is this a real thing?

5) Lit Minit 
"The Bear," by William Faulkner. If this link doesn't work, you can find it many places
online and in your local library for free.

Thanks for listening and reading. Follow these here links if you want to follow up on anything you read or hear here, hear?

We didn't pay anyone to play the opening music from Cake (Wheels off of Pressure Chief). Or the close tune, either, for that matter (Mr. Scruff playing Hot Tuna, I think). Our bad. Of course, nobody paid us either, so...?

Yes Men

Notes and links from BTR show "Relief,", 2/10/12 HWH w DD

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