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Also on today's show:
1) Local News
2) Other News
3) Local Loco
4) Gratitude
5) Calendar
6) Lit Minit : "50 Shades Darker." EL James.


1) Local News

           Christmas Time Is Here

           The End Of The World As We Know It

           New Itunes Steals Your Thoughts (and your right to burn CDs)

           Griffith Park Observatory

2) Other News

    Shootings, wars, rumors of wars, incontinence, misery, pain, and grief.

3) Local Loco

4) Gratiude
           My addictions
           J. Goldstein
                I am grateful for my existence. I am a little aware of the miracle of this.
           Dog is psychic.
                This dog is a radio receiver that picks up on my pain broadcasts. He instantly
                 knows what hurts and stops doing it. I have never known another being like this.
           Somebody saved me.
                I am hanging on to hope and without many people I wouldn't be hanging on at all.
                So, to Richard and Richard and Roxanne and Sean and Money and Monk and The
                Corbett family and The Wiseburn Neighborhood and more that I am too stupid
                to remember.
          I am grateful that I have learned that the rage inside me will turn to depression if I ignore
          it, and that I can run it away. I guess if I don't it will run away with me.

           American Pie, by Don McLean


5) Lit Minit : "50 Shades Darker," EL James.

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